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    phpNuke and mySQL host vs. host


    I have a question regarding phpNUKE, mySQL. and my host(s).

    I sent Host #1:
    I am a current customer. User=xxxxx
    I am writing this to let you know that I was forced to launch one of my new sites at another host because of your current issues with MYSQL. The speed is not acceptable.

    I have a trouble ticket acknowledging the slow issues to a point where it sometimes timeouts.

    My page with XXXX(Host 1):
    Page Generation: 10.43 Seconds
    http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(URL in ticket)

    My page at new host:
    Page Generation: 0.040 Seconds
    http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(URL in ticket)

    I had to launch this site this week. I was very embarrassed of the slow response of the XXXX(Host 1) site.

    I am hoping that these problems are resolved soon. I really do not want to be forced to move any more of my sites.

    I look forward to working with you. Please do not take this email as a complaint. I just want to work with you.


    Larry Mxxxxxxxxx

    So I have the same script running at 2 hosts, script just implemented with no traffic. Host #1 said that there is no way that it is their mySQL because their forum runs off of the same server and it is not slow (even though there are complaints on the forum that it is).

    Can it be anything other than mySQL as the bottom of the page of phpNUKE says how long it takes? HTML pages come up very fast on both hosts.

    Personally, I think 10 seconds for phpNUKE standard page with no additional add-in scripts to load.

    Can anybody help me give more info to Host #1.

    Thanks for any and all input.

    (BTW, the reason why I do not just leave is that I have a lot of sites hosted with Host #1).

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    Serverload can also cause the page loading issue, I am running cpgnuke, which has 1/2 the queries of nuke 6.5-7.2 and runs for me 6 times faster, I also like the cpgnuke give me the time for page load and for queires. You can also use jpcache to cache some of your pages for 5/10/15 minutes or so, that will cut down on mysql traffic.

    Also if you are using Protector, turn off pagetracker, and clean out the session table associated with it, Protector screwed up my site, with the way it deals with tracking users on your site. You can also upgrade to the newest version of protector if that is the case and that might fix it.

    I would also make sure they are running an optimized my.conf for mysql, with caching turned on.

    Have you added an extra modules or blocks that might have poorly writen scripts or queries?

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    My guess it that they have either overloaded their webserver or mySQL database. Canít they help you more?

    I mean they basically just say that it isnít their problemÖ
    Steffan, | Affordable Clustered Hosting

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    The script is "out of the box" with no add on blocks or scripts. The speed is bad no matter what theme.

    They are still claiming that it is not them. That it is not server overload.

    I think that it is.

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