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    Arrow Looking for a web solution for hosting managment.

    I know that there is tools or software the can help you run your hosting service. I do not think of hosting controller or helm or ensim ect... but a tool that can help me track the payment of my clients and the period of hosting and so on.
    I am looking for something the will help me running my hosting business without connection of the control that I use for the server.
    What do you use for it? Is the a web base solution? (Better in ASP format).

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    try and for billing solutions. Client exec has very extensive features and is affordable.

    try searching on they have different format searches PhP, CGI, ASP etc.


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    Check out H-Sphere from

    Unlike the other "just another control panel" pieces of software like cpanel and ensim, H-Sphere provides complete hosting automation.

    H-Sphere is a complete system which allows you to manage one to many servers in the same or diverse data centers through one, simple to use, interface.

    H-Sphere includes all of the technology for automated account provisioning (including fraud protection), support, and billing.

    Futhermore, H-Sphere allows you to offer private label reseller programs to your resellers whereby your resellsers benefit from complete hosting automation as well.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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