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    Trends With Hosting Sites

    Maybe its just me but a lot of hosting sites tend to look alike or use the same formula for page layout and what not. Seems to be a lot of flash oriented headers and pictures of servers and smiling people. Anybody out there seen any really original designed hosting sites out there lately?

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    1 word : template.

    A lot of hosts use the template sites because they look "flash" and they're cheap. The downside is that they aren't unique.

    A great site is . i personally think that site is the epitome of professionalism in the hosting business.

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    Lots of sites use those damn templatemonster sites. I personally would refuse to go with one who is not wiling to be unique in any way.

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    Almost went down that path myself, well, bar the odd smiley face
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    Unfortunately it's all about what the end user wants. Being someone who is hired to design sites, it's fairly frustrating following trends and what not. I love the clients that leave things upto our team to offer proposal designs, or ask for something different.
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    It is hard to find good people that don't scam you in work for this topic. But the sad part is the border between professionalisum and the cool look. I personally like most of what ceonex designs and comes up with. is pretty nice also, as to mediatemple is way complex but simple.

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