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    Lightbulb ISPcheck, anyone?

    I wanted to ask if anyone listed their hosting companies at

    They are one of the oldest if not the oldest PPC engine for Internet/E-commerce related services, so i wanted to know if someone has experienced their PPC before.

    thanks, Yaser.

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    It really depends on where your business is.

    If you are just starting out, no dont have PPC at $5 / Click. But if you are well established and can afford to do so, then go ahead.

    I recommend finding cheaper ways of advertising and getting built up first.

    But listing yourself there (for free) is always a good idea

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    Any recommendations of cheap way of advertising


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    Yes, banner advertising.

    Google Adwords is a good one -->

    Getting LEADS membership here -- >

    Word of mouth --> serving couple of customers extremely well and they tell other people.

    Gaming servers --> purchase there and have your name as server title

    Locally (flyers, phonecalls, mail, business cards, teeshirts, etc)


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    Nice Ideas, thank you Jeezo

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    Originally posted by Yaser
    Nice Ideas, thank you Jezzo
    No problem,
    Here to help

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