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    Is anybody here having problems with Kazan Corporation, a.k.a

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    What kind of problems are you having? Network down or something?

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    Mail server erratic for the last month, almost impossible to ge any kind of access to my account, CST reluctant to disclose any kind of information regarding the nature of the problem they are experiencing or to forward my calls to technical support.

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    YES. As of 6/6 and over the last 2 weeks, their 800 number is disconnected as is their FAX number (both as advertised on their website). Phone support usually rolls to voicemail which is too full to leave a message. E-mails go unreturned (though one without alternate e-mail would not know that). I have not been abel to access my e-mail with since Memorial Day. It either times out or errors with "server too busy".
    They show signs of possible "no one home", bankruptcy perhaps. major personell turn over perhaps. I wonder if their lawsuit brought by MPAA and studios has finally affected them??
    they have been in the past a very good ISP. Always able to solve problems. Service has been up and down, but never this down. I'd sure like to hear from others, esp. in New York City and anyone who has information on how to free up my e-mail account and what is happening with the company. I've also tried downloading using web based mail retreival systems (sites) which all say "no mail". Yet when I connect before the timeout I've now got 1850 messages.

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    1850 messages...

    quick... how many are junk?

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    Man, if they have closed up shop, you will never get those 1850 emails. I personally have not heard of anything, but I sure wish you luck!
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