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    Before you tell me to go do a search, I have already done that.

    I would like to hear from real clients about customer support and reliability. How fast do they answer support tickets? How about after hours such as 9pm - 6am?

    How is the server reliability? Is it always down or is the uptime fairly good?

    I have already read about the billing complaints, etc. All the other threads seem to be bad but it sounded like there was a natural disaster that caused it. I would like to know how its been lately. Thanks.

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    There are a lot of threads asking whether or not webreseller is down. IMO you can probably find a better host.
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    Originally posted by pixel_fenix
    There are a lot of threads asking whether or not webreseller is down. IMO you can probably find a better host.
    Yea i saw a few threads about downtime but I also read that there was a natural disaster that caused it. How has it been over the last 3-4 months?

    How is customer support. Do they really answer support tickets within 15 minutes?

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    who not to try

    In my experience avoid:

    Ipowerweb ( the offer very little in packages and charge to add stuff on ),

    Networksolutions ( I have a number of clients who had this service and it was a nightmare trying to get things transfered from them)

    Webhostingbuzz ( not ideal for anyone but a novice with small hosting needs)

    Hostegrity (I currently as hosted through these guys and they seem to have some problems beyond their control; they offer no uptime assuarnces and have poor customer notification of server issues.

    I am trying out Autica which has a nice package.


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    They decided to get rid of the server my account was on - but they couldn't bother to give me notice or even email me that they shut the server down.

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    freew, were you on the cpanel that held the free promotion accounts?
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    freew, YES, you were on a C-Panel free account... The server was having problems and as you were told previously we were going to discontinue it and we would have given you a terrific deal on a regular plan.. We ran a promotion a while back (about a year ago) and gave away 50 free c-panel accounts to introduce the product and you happen to get one... You were told ahead of time it was a free account and the server did not get the same level as management as our paid accounts and that it should ONLY be used for developmental items... The fact that you are complaining here is very frustrating considering you were given something for free and even supported...
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