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    ADVERTISING. Market- Mostly students from highschool to college

    This is the first time I'm soliciting advertisiers for my site. I run a successful website for students to post their homework questions and get answers. Currently, I have around 500 members and receive about 50 daily unique visitors (that's with Fridays and Saturdays factored in- students don't do homework on those two days it seems).

    Since I have no clue what to charge, I'll let you guys decide that. Just PM me your bid (monthly rate). Here's what is offerred. You can have a text link at the bottom of my site on EVERY page.. that's in the hundreds.... Remember, each question in itself counts as a webpage too and/or you can give me a URL to a banner or site to act as a popup. It will pop-up everytime the INDEX page is accessed. For those of you that are familiar with PR ranks, I'm currently at a "5" with many related backlinks.

    The site is educational and clean. All banners/textlinks/sites will be subject to approval. You may verify our stats by going to

    Thanks for viewing, and if you have any questions, feel free to PM/email me.

    I also want to take this opportunity to welcome any related link exchanges.


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    Wow! i'm surprised by the number of immediate responses to this ad! Thanks for your interests. Just to let everyone know, I will respond to everyone's inquiry by tomorrow night, Thursday, April 28th and make my decisions.

    Oh, and just to let everyone know, the current offers that I've received are around $10+. (i consider ALL bids..even lower bids)
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    I like your website, its a great idea.

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