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    High quality designer needed!

    Hello there all,

    We are looking for a new talented webdesigner for our design company. Our current designer is experiencing some health problems at the moment, so we have been forced to look for someone else to replace him as we have a LOT of work building up. This is a pretty serious position if we find the right individual. It can be full-time/part-time or freelance depending on the circumstances.

    What we want:

    - Someone serious and professional who can adhere to deadlines.
    - Someone capable of doing HIGH quality work. We want to be right up there with the very best design studios in the future, so we are looking for someone special. We don't just want "template designers" with all the same style that you find all over the place. The kind of work I personally like is the kind in the 2advanced portfolio. Try looking at the designs while ignoring the flash, you'll see just how good the actual designs are even if flash wasn't used.

    If you think you qualify for this job and wish to apply, please contact me through pm with 3 of what you regard as your best work.

    Please note, we are NOT looking for another design company or group of designers, but rather ONE talented designer.

    Thanks and take care - high quality web solutions

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    Im a quality designer and i would work for any price.. my AIM is: tpe1364 add me to ur bussy list and we can chat.

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    I dont want to say that i am a quality designs, just check the lastest works and then let us know your feedback on us.

    you can reach us through :

    Online Chatting & Email :
    Yahoo : myowntemplates
    hotmail : myowntemplates

    hope you will send your feedback

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    I would also like to apply for the position although I do not know if I qualify for a high quality designer. I am a dedicated worker and I try to meet deadlines as best as possible.

    You may view my portfolio at . I have a few works in progress and a few designs I have not placed in there. If you are interested, I would be very interested into talking to you more about the position. Thanks alot for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Best Regards

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    i don't think design studios are allowed. I could be wrong tho

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    Originally posted by gazal
    i don't think design studios are allowed. I could be wrong tho
    I'm actually a freelance designer, but I do apoligize not applying through PM since I missed it on my first read.

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    I can take the job. I'm a quality proffesionnal designer.

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    Hey! I am interested. Let me know the details…

    AIM: mzakirpatel.


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