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    unpublished dreamweaver page, how email?

    Creating website with Dreamweaver. Haven't put it up to a server yet. How can I copy, capture, save ... whatever .. the page so that I could email it as an attachment to somebady for review?
    All attempts so far ( not including ye olde Screen Capture ) copy page without the photo images.

    Thanks for any help,


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    save it as a html file, place it in the same folder with your images, zip all the files used. And that's it.

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    Still Can't Do It

    No matter how I try to save the page, html and all that - put it a folder with the images etc, compress, still the page displays without the images?


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    The file structure needs to be the same.

    For example...

    If the page.html is in the same folder as the images (all mixed together) they need to be mixed together when in the folder you are emailing.

    Another example - If the page.html is in one folder and the images in another and those two folders are in one folder, they must stay in seperated folders when you send it - make sense?

    Let's see... another way to explain...

    When the images don't show up, right click one and choose properties. If, for example, it said FolderA/images/image.jpg then your images need to be in the image folder which is inside FolderA - if they are sitting in FolderA, tha's where the problem is.

    Sorry if this isn't the issue, but from what you are describing it really sounds like it.
    Something witty here...

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    Don't Get It?

    Dreamweaver, have all my site in one folder on desktop, it has a name " dreamsite", inside that folder - I have my pages arranged page by page ( not with images all in one separate folder. So, each page has its own folder : the html ( or whatever it's called - the one you click and the whole page comes up complete ), the two images and a logo. About 7 pages, 7 folders: each with the html thing and two images and one logo. Works fine on my computer , both in Dreamweaver and on the browsers, links and all. I've tried all sorts of compressing and uncompressing the one page/folder I'd like to send - displays page without images or logo.

    Any ideas?


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    How 'bout this?

    When I try to save it from ie explorer as webpage complete , I only get the logo image. Thing is: the other two images are background images / behind text.


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