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    Exclamation Hosting Recommendations?

    I am currently in the market for a host...

    I am looking for a host with the following requirements:

    Has been around for 1yr+
    200MB+ Storage
    1gb/month++ Bandwidth (more is good!)
    MySQL (3 > dbs with NO EXTRA CHARGE)
    2 email accounts.
    < 15$ per month.


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    First you can try using the HOST QUOTE feature.
    Then you can take a look in the offers forum, and maybe do a search on the forum.

    If you visit, you can read many reviews of various hosts. Good luck.
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    A tip on proper use of the quote-request -- your email address is a REQUIRED field -- because hosts that want to quote will send you the quotes on that email (and will not post here, since that is not allowed)

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    Try researching or

    Read the terms and conditions and research at least 5 other similiar websites before you sign up.

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    Your budget looks good enough to find a good provider

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    you can check
    Wholesale Domain Prices for Retail Customers -

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    I would think there are better deals you can get for $15.

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    maxd gaming, I can personally recommend the company I've been with since the very beginning (since February) and I received nothing but world-class service.

    All clients are happy with the service because the company cares about you, listens to you and goes out of its way to help you.

    Good luck with host-shopping.
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    Is your company represented?

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    You should be able to find a good hosting company quite easy with that budget. I normally recommend going with hosting companies in the $6 $8 range.
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    I seems to me that you're looking for a serious hosting solution and I'm sure you'll find it with that budget and those requirements! Take a look at It's another serious company.

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    Re: Hosting Recommendations?

    Originally posted by maxd gaming
    I am currently in the market for a host...
    I am looking for a host with the following requirements:Has been around for 1yr+200MB+ Storage1gb/month++ Bandwidth (more is good!)5$ per month.Recommendations?
    Hi Max

    I have been researching hosting for both resellers accounts and for single user accounts. I would say keep looking and *research companies you are interested in here and on google *news* and google websearch. Your budget is well within the range in my experience of reliable consistent providers. The main difference with price seems to be the level of service.

    I am not going to recommend who I have bought from as I already have done so in the past.

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    Host for Web

    You get a lot of space for only 9.95 a month.

    If you sign up please enter how you found out about them.

    Select from dropdown, 'Referal' and 'hendy' in the text box next to it.

    I host 10 sites with them and I am very happy

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    which one

    I have looked at these two Web sites or, they were suggested earlier. Has any one tried them before? Which one would you recommend in terms of customer service and reliability?

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