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    Anybody have experience transferring users from ensim to cpanel?

    I want to cancel my old server and put all my clients onto the new server. How can i accomplish this. do i have to move everybody manually? move all at once?

    Please let me know your input

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    Don't blame you for ditching Ensim - what a pile of junk that is. I just moved a bunch of clients from an Ensim machine to a Plesk machine. Our host offered to help with the move by automating the transfer of databases and directories, but after weighing the options I decided we needed to do it manually to ensure everything went smoothly.

    Are you moving between servers in the same facility? Will the staff at your host assist you?

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    We are trying to help the client as much as we can. The KEY issue is user name which are 8+ character long , Mysql as Ensim PRO latest version still needs Manual stuff to do. However if some one have a script that can directly move from Ensim Pro to Cpanel will be appretiated.
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