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    Question Awstats config probs

    Hello I finally can post this with my URL's. I've been all around and found no help on this subject. I don't know if I'm not giving the right info or if Awstats are just not worth the trouble.

    Would love some feedback on this. My HOst has really bad stats, and I would dig getting Awstats working. Had it on a separate host and it was a good system. This is also posted on SourceForge.

    Info is as follows::

    AWSTATS VERSION (no support for older versions than
    5.x and beta
    versions):5.9 and 6.0 (5.9 installed right now)
    OS (windows/Unix)
    WEB SERVER NAME (1and1)
    PERL INTERPRETER NAME + VERSION (if known) :v5.6.1
    built for i386-linux
    If your site is online, give your awstats URL:
    Your problem description :

    I've tried the install with both 6.0 first and then 5.9.
    Followed numerous install directions and then tried some
    different configs to see what would happen.

    At one point on 6.0 it had some logs read, but wouldn't
    update from the point of installation, and the first

    Now Its not really doing anything. Here are some of my
    settings right now.


    LogFormat= "%host %other %logname %time1 %
    methodurl %code %bytesd %virtualname %refererquot %
    uaquot %other"

    I changed the log format and got this error, and a look
    at the actual log format:

    And this is a sample of records AWStats found in your
    log file (the record number 50 in your log):
    ***.***.**.132 - - [28/Apr/2004:03:29:54 -
    0400] "GET /blog HTTP/1.1" 301 247 "
    keyword=witchcraft" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0;
    Windows NT 5.0; T312461)" "-"

    One thing is the htaccess file in my log directory. I don't
    know if that is causing the problems or not. Its
    something that my host has in there and I can't change
    permissions on it or delete it.?? I even tried to set up
    the authorized user in Awstats, but with now luck. It
    wouldn't let me into the page.

    I've been working on this off and on for a week almost.
    Any help getting this up and running correctly would be
    great. I really like this program better than what my new
    host has for stats. Just cant' get it configured right for
    some reason.

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    Thanks Aldee

    I'm posted on that forum also. I think after all the tinkering I finally got it working right though. Just trial and error.


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