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    Question PHPBB, SQL & Plesk

    I have a problem that I'm not sure how to fix.

    I run a web site and the guy I bought my web space from runs a server. Recently he switched from one provider to another, and I went from using cpanel to Plesk 6.

    I am using PHPBB, and it's linked to my SQL database on the server, which was moved over from the old server. PHPBB works fine, everything is cool on that end. However, I want to change some things manually in the database (using PHPmyadmin), but Plesk can't see it. It says I have no databases. So something is misconfigured somewhere. I could start a new database and import all the old data so Plesk can see it, but I can't see the old database to make a backup! Meanwhile there's been tons of posts since the server was moved.

    What's going wrong? Is there someone I can recommend to the server owner to fix this? He doesn't understand the problem, and all the other accounts are fine. I like the server and don't really want to move, I just want this little thing fixed! Any suggestions?

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    i know this is not the advice you are looking for, but i would upgrade to a host that has Plesk 7.
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