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    SSL - IE - secure/non-secure items


    I am having a problem with Internet Explorer 6 security settings and my ssl certificate. First, here is what is happening.

    When I access my ordering page with IE 6 default security settings, I get a message saying that "this page contains secure and nonsecure items". I know this is a standard message based on my security settings, but I checked, rechecked and triple checked and the page in question as well as ALL of my images are being called with a full https url.

    Now, I DO have links on the page in question that point to full, normal http urls. Could this be what is causing IE to display this message? How can I track down the specific items that IE is saying are not secure?

    Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    What's the URL of the page? I don't think that normal links containing HTTP URLs would cause that message in IE (or at least they haven't in my experience).

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    Everything has to be https.
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    dan_erat, I don't have enough posts yet to be able to put a url. If you want you can check my profile and go to our website. Start the order process and you will see what I mean.

    BizJohn, I tried it with regular http urls but that doesn't work either.

    Is there a way to track down the specific items that IE is saying are nonsecure?


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    The problem is in at least one JavaScript file that you're including. includes an image with a non-SSL URL.

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    (I found this by deleting big chunks of HTML tags from your page until I found which one was causing the problem.)

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    ahhh, good catch. Even though I was calling the script with a https url, the script itself contains a call to a regular http image.

    Thanks for the detective work.

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