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    * Unusual offer - Get Double

    The SPECIAL DEAL we would love to offer is to DOUBLE space and bandwidth for the SAME price!

    Our best selling Reseller Special packages (WHM/cPanel):

    Reseller Special BASIC (7 left):
    4 Gb disk space
    60 Gb monthly transfer
    12 EURO (~14,4 USD)

    Reseller Special STANDARD (4 left):
    6 Gb disk space
    90 Gb monthly transfer
    18 EURO (~21,6 USD)

    Reseller Special PROFESSIONAL (2 left):
    8 Gb disk space
    120 Gb monthly transfer
    23 EURO (~27,6 USD)

    Reseller Special GOLD (2 left):
    12 Gb disk space
    180 Gb monthly transfer
    35 EURO (~42,0 USD)

    All packages come with Unlimited:
    Emails / Forwards
    MySQL databases
    Domains / Subdomains

    We provide you with private or "yourdomain" NameServers.

    By the way, when we mention Gb, we mean 1024 MegaBytes, not 1000

    Hurry up to order these packages via "secret" link at

    Our primary goal is to provide reliable hosting solutions - unlike others we do daily backups to the separated servers outside originated datacenter. Backup includes user's data as well as every piece of system settings.

    System resource usage is capped to 75% of available bandwidth and disk space - this allows us to fullfill every urgent customer's need in upgrading its account and to protect server from being crashed.

    The current server which resources on sale located at DedicatedNow datacenter and has IP

    Our technician are professional system administrators and hi-grade system and application programmers.

    We do care of our customers, that is why 92% of them continue to stay with us! This is the quality we provide.

    You can ask us anytime for a support or just send your questions.
    We will be happy to serve you.

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    EURO is falling down and I should tell you that the prices in USD cheaper right now!

    Reseller Special BASIC
    12 EURO - 13,7 USD only!

    Reseller Special STANDARD
    18 EURO - 20,6 USD only!

    Reseller Special PROFESSIONAL
    23 EURO - 26,3 USD only!

    Reseller Special GOLD
    35 EURO - 40 USD only!

    Hurry Up to catch the deal!

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