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    clip-art and royality FREE licence rules

    I bought 6-pack clip-art CDs with royality FREE licence from eBay.

    CDs are original and comes from company called "global Star Software".

    Now, I need pictures for building ebooks and software but I do not know what "royality" really means. Does it means I can use it for private use or is it still free if I write an ebook (with images) and sell it?

    CDs are at least 3 years old (with good pic. quality) and the company changed its profile and now they sell only games.

    I wrote an email to them and did not get any reply yet.

    Somebody here who can explain what "royality FREE" means?


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    Generally, "royalty free" means you can use the images in your own commercial product, service, site, marketing without having to get anyone's permission or work out any kind of a separate licensing deal. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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