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    Question newbie question

    My buddy is starting the biz, and i'm a partner..

    what would you say, based on your past experience, are the first 5 or 10 steps we should do NOW to succeed???

    Should we do hosting ONLY, or offer other things? If yes, what?

    keep in mind, were new, and have a few paying customers in our "reseller" plan... so funds are very limited right now.


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    1) Solid Business Plan

    2) Stick to your business plan, it doesnt make sense to make one if you dont follow it

    If you have a solid business plan, it doesnt matter if you do just hosting, or other things as well, and if you stick to your business plan, you most likely will succeed.

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    Yes, offering other things can be better, as it shows more selection.

    As far as to what. Probably internet/biz services would be best since that is going to be your target market anyways.

    As in what to do....You may should have asked yourself that question BEFORE you startred, or partnerd in a biz that you are new to.

    The main thing you are going to have to do is get users of course. If on a shoe sting budget, i suggest your local market would be a good place to start.

    Thats a pretty big question (what are the first 5-10 steps we need to take) And not trying to flame or be mean. But if you dont know Maybe you should reconsider and look for something else.


    And I would agree, A Biz plan should be at the top of that list. Hosting And Web Design For Small Businesses!
    Your Hosting Company!

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    Who says its 5-10 steps its much more complex than that.
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    I agree its very complex. I just put 5 or 10 steps.... just to get some feedback.

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    Since your on a shoestring budget, you shoudl make flyers and business cards. Inform all your friends, family, acquaintances that your starting up. Offer a discount or 13th month free hosting. Be very active on the support, treat your few customers like GOLD! to have the viral effect. Pay for business lunches, have a WHY US? on your website.


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