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    Web Hosting Reselling

    I am looking into web hosting reselling. I am currently reselling through enom, but the hosting - well in a word - sucks.

    Any suggestions. I am looking for something like enom, where signup and billing is automated. Windows Hosting preferred with ASP/ASP.NET and/or Cold Fusion.
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    you can try the WHT request feature,, or good ol' Google

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    I know, but I was hoping I could get some suggestions from people with personal experience.
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    yeah, i'm looking for some good cheap small company reseller
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    hello all

    well, you just make a note while searching for a good reseller

    1)First decide which Platform you want to offer hosting upon

    2)check which control panel they offer you to manage your reseller account

    WHM/CPanel , DirectAdmin, were some good Linux based Reseller & Site Control Panels.

    3) then, think of, how much space you feel required to start with

    ingeneral, if you feel you have better budget, then start with around 2 to 4 GB reseller space, and if you think to start minimum, think of starting with 1GB reseller space, which is also SUPPORT you START better to start sufficiently good

    4) then, it is reliability and other factors you have to look about, and info about the host, then DC where the servers are located in, and all about network speed and other aspects etc of the server.

    5)Your budget: think of how much price you think you can afford to makea better start of your Web Hosting Business

    research the hosts, you can do find info here in this forums, also through Google

    see if they offer any other features which are additional and significant

    these were basic steps, and ithink, you can find a BETTER Host to Support YOU start Your RESELLER Business in a more better way:

    hope it helps

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    I opted for Cyberservers, the offer choice of Unix and windows reseller plans. Their windows plan offers, asp, php and mySql amongst others. support is good too

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    I think Cyberservers are good. I have a reseller acount with them. Nice support, fast servers. Not problem at the moment.

    Unfortonatelly I'm searching another reseller acount, I'm working in a project in ASP.NET and I'm using dll to access database, but them don't accept dll hosting.

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