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    Vension - Biz Development Community

    Hello Everyone!

    I've been working on a site to help business people in general. Its supposed to provide information, insight, and inspiration for all types of business people in both ecommerce and brick/mortar companies. I just finished the design, and created all of the content myself, I was hoping I could get some feedback from WHT as far as the content, layout, design, improvements, etc.

    Thank you. All comments are appreciated.

    - Jeff
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    "Vension"? Sorry, but I my mind kept reading it as "venison".

    Over all, the colors are too pale. Especially the text. The site just seems blurry to me.

    I also suggest that you increase the line height for easier reading.
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    I keep reading "venison", too. Mmm...venison.

    Anyhow, I actually like the colors, layout and spacing. It's nice to see some gutter space between columns for a change.

    One thing though: navigation controls are a little haphazard. The top nav bar has "home, company, contact" on the left and "home, insight, blogs, tools" on the right, so "home" is duplicated.

    Then there's the left nav bar which has all of those (except that "company" is renamed "about us") and adds "services" and "submit content".

    With "home" appearing in three places, I was surprised to see that I couldn't click on the vension logo in the top left of the page to get home as well.

    Maybe consolidate the nav functions a little, and turn the logo into a link home?

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    I must agree, the colours are a bit pale. The logo looks really nice. Site of the week and stock search icons/sections also look neet. Nice work, I'm giving it a 8
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    When I right cick, I have to see the same "right click is disabled" alert box around 3-5 times....It doesn't just show up once

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    The site looks pretty good. The no-right-click is annoying though when it keeps coming up again.

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    The no right click thing seems silly to me. It's easy enough to view the source and directly download anything someone would want to copy, so all you're doing is looking foolish.

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    Interesting design. It looks alright, but maybe not professional enough for a business related website.

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    Keep going

    I like it. I like the soft colors and the use of the screen real-estate is well done. Reminds me of a nuke type site from the layout style but with a very elaborate template.

    I rather enjoyed the content and sites. Keep on doing what your doing. Stay focused.

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    I very much like how you designed that header. The boxes used for the titles in the content don't look so great though. Overall, it is a very nice site

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    I like it a lot. Very well organised.
    - Aaron
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