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    Transfer/Share my 2.4Gz - 10mbit Port unmetered

    Anybody intrested to take over my server from FDC / Share with me.
    It's to expensive for me and I only use half of the server resource.

    Processor #1 Vendor: AuthenticAMD
    Processor #1 Name: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2400+
    1 Gig RAM
    Cpanel / WHM

    PM me if intrested.

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    Right now im paying 159$

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    I am interested in taking over this server. PM sent.

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    That's not a 2.4 Ghz, it's a 2.0 Ghz.

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    What is the hd size and the bw allowed?
    Wanted forums with members and traffic.
    Webhosting Cafe Free Ads.

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    You right, they wrote 2.4Gz but actuall speed is 2.0Gz
    they said bandwith unmetered.
    it's 120gb HD

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    I am interested too if those offers dont pan out. I need to run a shoutcast server which is next to no processor use but a bandwith hog.

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    sorry the deal is out.
    thanks for your intrest.

    i had 1 more server to transfer probably next month (around 10)

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