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Thread: Lyrics Script

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    Lyrics Script

    I need quote of price and methods of payment and timeline :
    for a lyrics script

    Display alphabets and this alphabets will go the singers for example A goes to Amr diab ..

    And when it goes tothe singer a page will show all albums for the singer with a picture for every album and then u click on the album u go to the songs on that album adn then u click on a song go to c it's lyrics.

    Also I want ppl to submit lyrics and admin CP to view the submitted lyrics and approve it ro not

    Also a rateing system for all lyrics

    And simply the latest added songs..

    Nothing more
    or email me on yahoo: lyrics4allofus at

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    What is your budget and the timeframe it should be completed within? You should post those 2 things, they surely will affect the number of replies
    Kirill Smirnov

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