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    How to set time on server?


    I have a dedicated server running RH 7.3 and the time on the server is fast. I use the command 'date -s' to reset it but after 2 weeks the time is fast again by a few minutes. Any idea how to correct this and set the time so that it does not keep getting fast?


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    Check out NTP, it'll sync you within like, 100th's of a second, from what i've seen.

    Setup a cron job that'll hit up a server every day or so.

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    There's an old thread on WHT dealing with this subject.

    Hope that helps you

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    ntpdate as root
    Ben S.

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    IF you have Cpanel on your server, you can set time from within WHM and also sync it with the timeserver

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    rdate -s

    If you have rdate installed as root!

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