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    Voice of the people!

    Looking for a designer for a project about what is happening in the US right now and how it is affecting everyday people. It is all about the voice of the everyday person.

    The project is 100% non-profit and there is no budget. Everything is volunteers work.

    Looking for a designer who can help out abit and who stands behind this.

    If you are interested in knowing more, please contact me by PM.

    It is not my project, but I am asked to look around for others to help out and am doing what I can.

    Thank you.

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    i think you need to explain more about what will be on the site. before a designer takes on this task without pay, i think he/she would like to know whether they actually support the views that will be displayed on the site.

    for example you might find a guy to do the site, but he's an NRA card carying conservative and then you fill the site with liberal propaganda. he'd probably regret having donating his time to a website that does nothing but attack his views and ideals.

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    I understand. That is why I will explain it to someone who might be intrested by PM. Before this topic goes into an political offtopic topic.

    I can tell you that the site is about the voice of the people and not about the voice of the creators.

    There will be people going on the streets and interviewing all kinds of people and the site id 95% forum where anyone can post there opinion. The goals is that the voice of everyone gets heard.

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    I am interested, I need more information about it though, send me by IM in sig or Email or PM.


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