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    What do you think of it?
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    the home page needs more subtopics. just 4 items doesn't make me want to click. you've got great content hidden inside but unless you make it inviting on the home page i won't click through.

    also the green background and the weird stars don't look that good. Might want to get one of the creative tutorial writers to get a more creative designed front page.

    the actual tutorials are great! esp the movies. ie you have a good thumnail gif, the title and a sentence describing the content. Very professional and easy to acess.

    however on page

    do you think people will actually click through 17 screens?

    on longer threads i'd seperate it into subsections


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    I'm quite a big fan of the websites that dedicate themselves to finding tutorials on such and such programs, but I tend to see repeating tutorials all the time. So my suggestion to you, is maybe invest into your own tutorials to make your site more unique.
    Chris Tauscher

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