.AERO tld

Finally better sense prevails regarding domain names registration by restricting & regulating the registration process. Maybe others should follow suit. For example .auto, .host, .agri etc etc. And it could set off a new trend and encourage users to limit the searches to a particular tld giving better results. [see google advance search features]

Similar regulation is enforced for India's ccTLD and as a result domain squatting is almost non existing.



3. Registration process

Registration of a .aero domain name is done in 2 steps: Identification, then Registration.

After Registration, the holder of a .aero domain name must comply with the licence rules (see Chapter "Licence Rules").
Step 1- Identification

Before a Registrant can submit a first application for a .aero domain name, the Registrant must be recognized as member of the aviation community. This eligibility check can be performed by various mechanisms (described in section "Eligibility" of this document) and is concluded by the assignment of an "Aviation Community Membership ID". Once a Registrant has obtained an Aviation Community__ Membership ID, the Registrant is entitled to register any names currently open for the Registrant Group the Registrant belongs to. This step needs to be performed only once by each Registrant.
Step 2 - Registration

Once the Registrant is ready to proceed with the registration of a .aero domain name, the Registrant must choose a Registrar (distributor of .aero domains) to obtain a .aero domain name licence and pay the registration fee. Some domain names are pre-allocated while some need to be requested directly by the Registrant at the time of Registration. The Aviation Community Membership ID can be reused for multiple registrations by the same Registrant.

II. Eligibility requirements
4._Eligibility Requirements

To be recognized as a member of the aviation community, a Registrant must establish that it belongs to a Registrant Group.