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    need some help with something please

    hello dose anyone know of any good text that teach you the in's and outs of managing a server like navigating the root directory installing patches software that requires root
    and managing apache thanks for any help you can give me
    take care

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    This might be a start if I understand your question correctly...

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    Please visit local book store and take a look at Oreilly books about linux and apache.

    Or you can get online bookshelf and start researching books there, oreilly books about linux, some what good books to start with.

    I started with this book, about 4 years before,

    By David Tansley

    Publisher : Addison Wesley
    Pub Date : December 27, 1999
    ISBN : 0-201-67472-6
    Pages : 528
    Slots : 1.0

    hope that helps

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    you can find some pdf's on
    p2p networks are also full of books, but most of them are illegal copies (however some of them are free/open doc)

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