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    why some emails have no IP address information?

    when i check the message properties under microsoft outlook express, there is usually an X-originating IP value, which is the IP address.

    why is it that some emails do not have this value while others do?

    if it is because the sender mask the IP address, how do they do that exactly? just curious...

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    Some emails which come from anonymous emails dont have any ip so no one can trace where they are coming from, beware of such emails as they could be spam and virus infected.
    Try to type 'emails without ip addresses' in google and you might find articles with more details in them.

    thanks, Yaser.

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    X-originating is not a standard email header. In fact, any header record beginning with X- is non-standard. That's the standard prefix for non-standard header records

    The only place where you can definitely trust an IP address in an email is the very first Received: record in a header (that's because that is the one your MTA included, i.e. where it got the message from). All other Received: header records could be forged.

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