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    Question CPanel: can it forward AND delete mail?

    Is there a way to set up CPanel's forwarding function so it doesn't keep messages that it forwards? In other words, I want to be able to receive mail to specific POP accounts that I've set up, and have CPanel forward those messages to other addresses - so far I've accomplished this - but *NOT* keep a copy of forwarded messages in the INBOX. Possible? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    - Frank

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    The only way is to not set up a POP account of the email you are forwarding. That should work.
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    Brilliant, thanks very much. Didn't realize that you could set up forwarders for any (i.e., non-defined / no POP account) address. But I just tested it - set up a forwarder to a non-POP account address, and it worked perfectly. Thanks!

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