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    * Is ClientExec worth it?

    I wanted to get 'The Peoples' opinion' on whether worth the investment for billing?

    thanks, Yaser

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    Well, 99$ isnt much of an investment, however no its not worth it.. CE is probably the worst of the big 4 billing systems out there. Development is incredibly slow. Release dates are months overdue. Features that were due out 6+ months ago have yet to appear. Go with modernbill, much better billing system.

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    We have been using WHMAP and so far extremely satisfied.

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    Yes, WHMAP is very good. I tried CE a while back and felt exactly the same as sysc's view above. I have no regrets with changing to WHMAP. Fine product!

    I also bought a license for Modernbill for a different setup and I really like it too. Although different systems, both MB and WHMAP are definitely preferred choices.

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    WHMAutopilot and Modernbill are the way to go.

    I used to use clientexec, before moving to modernbill.

    Its wasteful to spend $100 on clientexec, and then have to pay another $180/$150 on modernbill/whmap later when you realise clientexec isn't worth it. Make the right choice in the beginning

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    ClientExec started out good for us. But more and more it seems we should have chosen Modernbill, something we are in the process of looking into seriously. CE has great potential, however their updates are slow, and it is lacking many features already existant in such programs Modernbill and WHMAutopilot.

    It's money better spent with Modernbill. I really hope CE improves, and if they ever have as many features as Modernbill, I'm sure we'll consider going back to them. But for now, Modernbill is looking like our best choice.


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    Just for ordering, billing and support ticket, it does its job.

    If you want domain name registrar and server control panel integration, it is very much lacking. It is this that we chose modernbill.

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    Whoiscart is $35 and does pretty much all of what the others do, with API released when customers want them. High quality hosting, low low prices.
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    ClientExec is a program that has tons of potential, but is still a long way from offering what say ModernBill has.

    I use ClientExec and it meets my current requirements but I can see that one day I will outgrow CE and have to move on.

    And WhoisCart is a excellent option as well. And the price is right too.
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  10. Yeah heard so many horror stories about CE.
    The least bad things I heard about is WHMAP.

    I am still sticking to WHOIScart even though WHMAP might be better. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
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    The GUI for ClientExec is just incredible. So easy to use and customers love it. Plus it's the only billing system that I am aware of that supports multiple currencies, which could be very important for firms outside the USA who want to charge clients in both US$ and their home currency.
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    clientexec is good to start of with as it is fairly simple to learn and has basic features.
    the price is just about right too

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    ModernBill offers hosting, which is sort of disheartening.

    ClientExec does exactly what it needs to, and also has the potential to be used for non-hosting-related ventures. They new version will have support for cPanel integration, and a stronger support desk, as well as more features. However, the churn date for them may be too slow for most people, especially ones who want/need the bells and whistles that the others offer.

    It's personal choice.

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    I used to use CE, I loved the interface, was very easy to work with and my clients liked it. I simply had to move on to a product that had more of the options I was going to need in the future now, I'm glad I did because CE still hasn't released a version with all the promised features since I quit using it. I went with Modernbill and after forcing myself to learn how to use it properly I am now pleased that I made the change.

    CE has a lot of potential and the GUI is by far easier to learn than that of Modernbill but it's just not where I need it to be right now.

    I am however going to keep my license current with CE.

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    CE is very clean and easy to understand. They have a nice ticket system too.
    But of course lacks of new features

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    I'm very fond of Clientexec, myself. It's well worth $99, IMHO. People are right -- the development of the product has been slow, but it's also been steady. Generally speaking, a product should be purchased for the features it does have, rather than for the features it might someday have. Speaking in those terms, I feel CE is a pretty good value at it's pricepoint, and an even better value if they do add more features.

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