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    customer menagment

    I have a hosting business,
    for a few monthes i'm using MS excel for all the recordes

    but now, the lists is growing
    in more and more recordes are needed

    I need a program to record all the info about my clients and thier payment dates

    All the recordes was in Hebrew, and i will like to continue with Hebrew recordes.

    It is better the menu to be in english and that i can writh ther in Hebrew is very iportant.
    Please recommend to me on a program for clients mengament.

    Thank you,
    Misha Benis
    Benis Networks
    Misha B.
    Benis Computers and Communication

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    Intuit Quickbooks should do the job. I am not sure if it is compatible with Hebrew, though. I'm pretty sure that if you fontset is in Hebrew and your computer is setup that way, it would work, but I am not sure. I would contact Intuit before purchasing it.

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