Greetings WHT folk!

More servers in stock at exceptional pricing, with our standard 24/7/365 support and free reboots.


Subscribe to our remote reboot switch port and server monitoring services at the point of order and pay just 50.00 set-up and 25.00 per month! (a saving of 350.00 per year!)

Windows Classic range now available:

Windows 2000 P3 866/256/9GB SCSI with 50GB and monitoring just 125.00 per month with 95.00 set-up or 1500.00 p.a. with free set-up!

e-mail [email protected] to secure your server.

Linux starts at 75.00 per month for 50GB and RedHat/SuSE/Debian/Mandrake/FreeBSD.

All of these servers can be secured on our "rent-to-own" package. This is a two-year contract, after which the server is yours to keep, or co-locate for a much reduced rate!


Subscribe to "rent-to-own" and pay two years in advance (24 months service) and get your third year co-location *absolutely free!*


Linux P3 866/256/9GB SCSI HDD
50GB per month data-transfer
100Mb/s switch port
1:1 CIR traffic (no contention)
24/7 Support
Free reboots
Redundant Cisco 7206 routers
Redundant Cisco Catalyst 5500 switches
Redundant Cisco Catalyst 5500 Management Boards
4 x diversely routed and meshed network connections.
Hosted in our carrier-class data-centre in London, E1.
This is amongst the BEST price performance ratio's in the UK!

Two-year contract with third year free co-location!

Annual 1020.00, total over three years, 2040.00

A saving of well over 1500.00 over three years!


We are also proud to announce the introduction of our ServerEXTRA package. This includes Shared Firewall, Weekly Tape Backup (5GB storage), server monitoring and remote reboot switch port for just 125.000 per month with 150.00 set-up, or just 1250.00 p.a. with free set-up.


Colo now 1U/50GB/Monitoring for 600.00 p.a. or 50.00 per month with 95.00 set-up.


Why not give us a call or send me a mail? We can solve any hosting challenge you set!


I have now provided a test-file for any interested potential clients to check sustained transfer speeds. Please see:


Thanks for taking the time to read out latest offers. Don't forget, our website is update regularly with our latest offers, so visit us today!



We can now offer 2Mbs leased lines in London (0207) for just 995.00 install and 5995.00 p.a. payable Quarterly. If you are interested in one for yourselves or a client, let us know. We can do good rates on referall business! :-)