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    Microsoft Word

    Everytime I open up Microsoft WordI get an error message that says "word has encountered a problem do youwant to report it to microsoft". After I click send or don't send it crashes. This happens every time I open Word.

    I thought that this my be some type of virus but Norton fails to spot the virus and I have used several tools of the internet to check for spyware etc, but to no avail.

    Does anyone have any ideas? BTW I can open Word up in safe mode and it works fine.

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    I dun think it is a virus, maybe some conflicts somewhere, just uninstall and reinstall normally do the trick.

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    You could also look on the M$ site for updates for word, or if you have office, look for an office update.
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    Check in safe mode if you have macros that are starting with the program.

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    I had a good look round when I had word in safe mode, checking for anything that didin't look right, but there was no macros running at startup.

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    Isn't there a repair option when you try and reinstall MS Office?
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    Delete (or rename it to normal.old), then try again.

    ( may have become corrupt. Word will create a new one when it reopens.)

    Hedda Lora

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