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    Server specs for high bandwidth website...

    I am looking for a dedicated server that will run two large websites and have a few questions:

    The web sites will be using ASP for the pages with a mySQL database. I have been told by many people that a windows server needs to be three times more powerful than a Linux server to achieve the same performance. Does this mean I should choose a Linux server with Chillisoft ASP as it will be faster if the specs of the two servers are identical?

    The two websites receive around 5million hits a month and use 35Gb bandwidth per month (for both in total). What would you recommend for a economical server specification to run these sites? Would a P4 2GHz and 256Mb RAM be enough? The mySQL database will be hosted on a different server so that can be taken out of the equation.

    Thanks in advance...

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    why not install ASP for apache? i dunno how well it works, but if your using mySQL instead of micro$oft's database, may be worth looking into... heres the link
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    Hi jhbodle,

    Usually ASP runs together with MS Access or MS SQL Server.

    Are you more comfortable with Windows or Linux?

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    1. You may want to consider using PHP over ASP.

    2. We've found ChiliSoft ASP to be more compatible with ASP overall compared to Apache::ASP. However, even with that stated, I dislike running ChiliSoft ASP on a server; it is a bear part of the time.

    Thank you.
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    Well I already have a RaQ4 server for my other web sites and that runs chillisoft ASP fine. But these two new sites are different animals altogether. I am more comfortable with Windows I have to admit, but will a 2GHz P4 and 256Mb RAM cope with a site that has 5million hits a month and 35Gb Data transfer per month running Windows Server Standard 2003 and ASP?

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    You definitely need to upgrade the RAM to handle that load, I wouldn't use less than 1gb for a windows server

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    It depends on what those 5 million hits are having your machine do. Id recommend upgrading to 1GB, if you cant do that 512 might work out alright.

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