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    * Very Unique Hosting Design


    Welcome to Ideas2Designs - the one-stop-site offering quality templates at an affordable price. You can either choose from our existing Readymade templates or avail our custom-based template solutions that meet your specific requirements.

    Click here to take a quick look at a few of our designs
    Price : 100$

    If you choose to order our templates today here's what you get apart from a competitive price:
    - Full rights
    - Text / Images Modifications (Minor)
    - HTML Coded per page 10$
    - This Design is suitable for Flash Header / Flash intro
    - Flash Intro = 100$ (Extra)
    - Flash Header = 50$ (Extra)

    This is a one-time introductory offer that you don't want to miss!
    :::::::Custom Template Designs::::::
    Our state-of-the-art templates are reasonably priced and are incorporated with design elements that are sure to help you succeed. Contact us with your requirement and be rest assured that we will provide you with a quote that is unmatched in the industry.

    Please log in for a live chat at [email protected] or [email protected]
    Or email us at [email protected].

    We look forward to answer your queries.


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    very nice and unique.. best of luck with the sales. i think it's worth more than 100$

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    Hello Simonjen,

    Thanks for your comments,
    Yes you are right that its more than worth of 100$, but its a introduction offer so we are selling it for such less price.


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    yeah. i'm trying to sell mine around here too. but it seems like its hard to sell anything priced over 200$

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    200+ easy for that.

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    Hello p1az,

    I am glad for your quote and a right valuation for the design.


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    Hello i2d,

    Excellent Template, best of luck with the sales.

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    Originally posted by i2d
    Hello p1az,

    I am glad for your quote and a right valuation for the design.

    its a shame, but many times there is a vast difference between what a design is worth and what people here want to pay it seems that most of the people here think web design is a charity not a business.

    oh well. c'est la vie.

    btw- the template looks great! good luck with the sale.

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    Easily one of the nicest and most unique designs I've seen at WHT. Should be sold in no time.

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