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    Need a specific type of WebHost...

    Hi, I was hoping I could get some info....I just signed up with a host that offered a simple online "site builder" called SiteStudio.

    I have 3 main problems with it:

    1. I had bought a TemplateMonster template about a month ago and had assumed that I could modify it with sitestudio (wrong assumption...I unfortunately bought the template b/f choosing a host or even trying the hosts sitebuilder which turned out to be SiteStudio). I tried creating a simple site with the SiteBuilder which was fairly easy but not really customizable at all (you need to use their templates and can only make moderate modifications) not really a WYSIWYG application.

    2. EXTREMELY slow...I'm on an AOL dialup site would need to be updated weekly (sort of an online being the sole writer and it can be somewhat frustrating to wait ...

    3. "Copyright 1999-2002. Positive Software Corporation. All rights reserved" is written at the bottom of my website....along with a Powered by SiteStudio logo....It makes it look as though they are the ones maintaining the site...and not just the makers of the program that I used to create it.

    I only signed up for 1 month of hosting so switching is not a problem

    i want a webhost that offers an actual downloadable application that runs on my computer and not on the server.....

    I'm not interested in any program which is essentially just a supped up version of notepad with easy "hot buttons" to insert tags....

    Essentially I want something similar to Dreamweaver or Frontpage where you actually build the website using
    WYSIWYG tools.....(obviously as close as possible since those are both commercial applications)

    I found the following websites offering this with there hosting plans:

    Are there any others????

    Any suggestions????

    I'm on a PC running Win 98

    PS.....They all seem to be "larger sized companies" I don't mind going with a smaller host for more customized service but I don't think there are any that offer an offline application free with hosting....
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    Why not just purchase frontpage or dreamweaver.. I think the templates from templatemonster were designed to be modified with those programs.

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