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    Trade: System Administration Services for Web Design


    I'm currently looking for a design for a website ( If somebody wants to exchange their design services for 1 month of my administration services, I would call it a fair trade.

    This would include:
    Kernel upgrade (2.4.25 is vulnerable, it's time to upgrade)
    Various security services (monitoring who logs in via shell, weekly scans complete with web report, kernel hardening, etc)
    Software/Script installations (unlimited)

    If you need something else done to your system, simply request this and I will see if the exchange is worth it.

    I'm not looking for anything special, just a basic template design that is easy on the eyes. I don't need any content added, as I already have this and will modify the template to include this via php.

    If interested, simply PM me on this board or send an e-mail to alanp(at)


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    How much do you usually charge for 1 months worth of administration services?

    Is it a month of jobs (720 hours total), or a 1 month period?
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    A month of service, including the things mentioned in my post, and anything else you need is negotiable. My prices for one month of service vary, but you will be getting a very complete administration package for the design.

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    Originally posted by pmoduk2
    Is it a month of jobs (720 hours total), or a 1 month period?
    Wow, I don't know what country you're in but a 720 hour work month sounds brutal (24 hours a day 7 days a week).

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    Hey volkspeed,

    I really like the design, but would it be possible to remove the left side and merge the right side with it, so there's only one table for content? Either way I like it, I assume you are looking for admin service in exchange?

    Alan P. Laudicina

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