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    Question How do I change IP of main WHM Account?

    Can anyone explain how to change the IP for the main account that is associated with WHM. Is there anything to watch out for while doing this?

    I did the following:

    1. Just clicked on change IP in WHM and changed the IP to an unused one

    2. Clicked on edit DNS zone and changed the IP to the new one.

    3. Restarted the nameservers

    So it seemed to work except that now when you visit the domain, it defaults to another account on the server, one of our clients site. So how long does it take for the changes to propagate and for the IP change to be done?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Presuming you are talking about the main shared virtual IP, the way I have changed it is under > Server Setup > Edit Setup > Main Shared Virtual IP.

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    And don't forget to restart apache.

    But if you change the base server IP, cpanel/whm might not work as that IP may not be licensed or may not be available in the CPanel license DB

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