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    The next most popular racing series on the xbox.

    Project Gothem Racing 1 has been released

    Project Gothem 2 has been released (huge hit)

    Project gothem 3 is set to be released mid/late 2005

    pgr is sohrt for project gothem racing. The name is used by short by nearly everyone.

    Appariasal please.


    Also i seriously doubt any copyright issues will be involved since the name pgr isnt copyrighted. thanks

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    please reply. Thanks

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    I thought it was page rank. lol. not much value unless you really like the game, so for now im saying $5 plus the reg fee.
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    You say it was a huge hit... I never heard of it, and I might say that I'm constantly looking for an outstanding and quality game.
    As for the domain, if the game "hits big" it will be in the mid $XXX, as of now it's reg fee.
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