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    Opt-in Mail Lists, hosting them

    Hey Guys,
    I got an e-mail from a potential customer today, he stated that he runs a website that takes in Resumes and then submits them to some 1200 recruiters, but he also has the opt-in newsletter and states he could be sending up to (25000) e-mails a day. He reassured me that it was not spam or UCE, and they never use e-mail to solicit,(although he does says he has recieved abuse reports, simply because people forgot they signed up. He wanted to ask me if this was ok, so I wouldn't terminate his account if I found out about the 25000 e-mails a day) but does the risk outway the benefit? Well what do you guys think?


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    I would recommend that he use a dedicated server solution.

    That will keep your other client's safe and provide him with a way of sending out 25,000 emails without bogging your server down.

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    Opt in or not, you're guaranteed a mass number of spam complaints with that many being sent daily. To me, it wouldn't be worth it for a normal shared account. That many emails would most likely cap resources as well.
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    yeah, you are right, thanks for the help!

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