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    .ca worth anything?

    I was wondering are .ca's worth anything now and\or do you believe they will be worth anything in the future?

    For example around how much do you think a 3-letter .ca can get you? how much do you think a 4-letter .ca can get you ,etc?

    Also, what if the 3-letter domain name or 4-letter domain name could be worked to relate to something, ie. have a meaning?

    Looking forward to your responses.

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    Since you are Canadian, a .ca domain is worth for own use. But if you are thinking of "investing", you might well forget it. Except for VERY generic words (most of which have been taken by people who keep paying for the third year in a row), many dictionary words and 3-letters are still available. So go figure the rest of the story. Good luck.
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    the fact that it is a restricted ccTLD hinders its popularity somehow

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    They are worth FA...... unless generic or developed...

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    I have invested in some, I think the only ones worth more then registration fee are those that have huge search/type-in potential or those that could be developed. For instance, I bought - could be developed for a Canadian Punk Rock Forum or something, also own which could easily be developed. However I was somewhat slow when I first started and bought a few useless ones like - it might be worth something developed but it would be tough. You just have to see what is out there. I bet there were 12 good ones yesterday available that would have been worth $100+ but there are a half dozen people who snap all the good ones....
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