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    * Please give me idea!!!

    Hi guyz
    we have bought Dedicated Server in US 4 moths ago, its working very well before. me and ma friend shareing the server, before ma domain downloads its like 200kb+ but now its like 4kb . ma friend's domain still download speed 200kb+(same server). can anyone tell me why ma domain speed like 4kb ??is anyone useing program to low ma domain speed slow?? i fight with one guy aftre i getting this problem , please let me know wat happen to ma server??do i have to change the server??
    waiting for the replayz

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    Is your friend saying he's getting 200kb+ or are you downloading from both domains and getting these speeds?

    In other words, have you tested the speed of both domains from your connection?

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    i download form his domain(song) speed 200kb+ at the same time i download from ma domain its like 4kb!(we are useing same server)

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    ok, that means that it's not your connection or so I think...

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    Where is your server located? Do you have a test upload link , or IP?
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    Are they on the same IP?

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    what's is your domain and his domain name ? i think they're based on different server

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    Originally posted by UltraUnixNET
    Are they on the same IP?
    yes we are useing same ip but differnt username & password

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    Originally posted by love-ca
    yes we are useing same ip but differnt username & password
    Were any restrictions put on the bandwidth for the connection for the server you purchased? If you both sites share the same connection/speed then if his site is taking all then bandwidth allocated then it leaves no room for your site to communicate.

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