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    Unhappy Not too impressed with SM atm.

    Had a server go down 2 hours ago and 2 support tickets later, I'm still here helpless as can be.

    I guess ev1 spoiled me with quick response times and live chat. Is 2 hours normal or am I being impatient?

    I think I'll be heading back to ev1 next month...

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    you need to call them...
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    Actually, finally got someone to answer a ticket right when I posted this.

    According to him there was a "delay" with some other tickets.

    Anyways, someone is checking into this I'm told.

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    Did you submit a reboot request form or just a normal ticket?

    Submit a reboot request ticket, and call them. That's the best way.
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    Sounds good. Is my first issue with SM in 7 months since my signup, so not used to this whole process

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