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    Now I finally know what happened with Cedant.Com - 2 years later.

    Back in May of 2002, I was on an overseas trip and had a girl managing the business for me. When I returned home on May 29th, I had massive failures on multiple domains, customers emails returned, hell, I had more than $8000 worth of chargebacks in the FIRST WEEK, because my websites disappeared.

    Unfortunately for me, two of my wonderfully positive customer feedbacks are still showcased at Cedant. I wish they were removed.

    This stupid incident, back then was told to me it was a screw up or a business problem with the server farm they were using, and that they decided to change farms for 1600+ clients overnight. I never heard the truth on this thing, but now I know what happened. (For almost 3 years I was on Linux then next I'm on Sun OS thingy's with parameters changing daily... I was in fighting every day for 4 days straight - in my underwear - since I couldn't leave the damn computer --- or my customers on the phone).

    In the end, this buy out eventually cost me more than $160,000 in lost revenue, chargebacks, etc. Hell it caused me to join forces with a competitor and now I work for THEM!

    I always HAD great things to say about Cedant. But this buyout, was my first experience at being a dumbass customer... Not knowing what was going on. Hell, Kurt Stauffacher and the rest I trusted with my life there. It's really sad to look back in time and just imagine what the 'REAL' staff at Cedant must've been thinking at the time. They were great ever since I first got started with'em in 1998.

    Well hell, for what it's worth, A plus whoever they are can KMA!

    I still will never be able to recover from this. 2 years later.

    What's worse, (and a riot), just check out the Google rating for A freakin plus dot com.

    Jerks.. and a bunch of mixed up 4 letter words to follow that can't be posted here for obvious reasons.

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    Wow, you brought back one old post.....

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    Damn. Alabanza, Jumpline, Cedant, and the APlus gang.

    I had no idea. (I had sites at both Cedant and Jumpline back then).

    Still to this day I had no idea what the hell was happening until finding this forum. What's really wierd is finding that some others had changed over to dedicated servers like I did back then. Rackshack put me back in biz with a dedicated server for 105 a month.

    This whole mess totally screwed up my business, professional, and personal life, and while I'd like to blame the parties involved, (and sue the @$%^ out of them), nothing, will get back what I lost then.

    Now I just leased my second server from 1&1 (the first one working well for 2 years is at rackshack/ev1). I'm still waiting for it to be TURNED ON, after a 48+ hour wait. (Nobody kill me for going this route, I found out all the baddy things already).

    ahhh... never mind.

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