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    Question H-SPHERE and dedicated server question

    can most dedicated server support h-sphere? such as NOC, servermatrix, fdservers?

    How much does it cost?
    on their site they advertize 4.50 per account
    does that mean if I sell under 1 dedicated server 50 accounts
    ill have to pay 50 x 4.50 ?

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    Yes, you would have to pay by the account. Some host will incude a certain number free and some times there is slight discount but not a lot.

    This is only fair as the host has to pay for them. It's not something he can avoid. He has to pay for each acount just as you would.

    We have a number of H-Sphere servers and we started the clients with a smaller number of licenses until they can get going and build their hosting business. That seems to help the sting a little.

    Also, don't confuse accounts with domains. Each account could have "unlimited" domains.
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    Also, don't confuse accounts with domains. Each account could have "unlimited" domains.
    I think that they are unlimited on dedicated server

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    H-Sphere can be installed in a large number of infrastructure environments from VPS to dedicated and co-located equipment. has a list of distributor partners who often sell licenses in quantities as small as 25; and, often for less than $4.50 per license.

    Please do review for the preparation of the servers as well as the operating systems and version supported.

    Also, often times a dedicated server provider will handle the custom partitions (very nice but not 100% necessary) per the perparation document mentioned above, IF you ask them at the time of your order.

    Thank you.
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