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    logwatch question

    What does this mean:

    Users logging in through sshd:
    wmp logged in from ( using password: 1 Time(s)

    SFTP subsystem requests: 1 Time(s)

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    It means that user wmp login from hostmask and IP ( using the correct password once, and this is a SFTP connection (which uses the sshd service)
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    so is it saying he logged into shell? This client is a personal friend of mine, and i've been hosting him for a few months now, but this is the very first time i got this message.

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    Sounds like he used either an SFTP client like ws_ftp or winscp to connect rather than logging into shell.

    You can check /var/log/secure and if the wmp entries are at the same time then he used an SFTP client to connect.

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