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    I am selling my website, and domain.

    Last year I had statistics of about 7,000 uniques hitting each week.

    I closed the site, and lost a bit of the traffic.

    Most humor sites are linked up to, by either link - or

    At the moment there are only 2 forums available on the website, as I had taken down the site for redesigning, but havent had the time.

    The forum has only just opened up on the website and has 19 members, it has hacks and addons added.

    No stats available at this time.

    I'm currently hosting the website myself with unlimited everything.

    I will sell it along with either 6 months or one year free hosting (bandwidth and space depending on price).

    Please AIM me, or Email me if your interested - only people seriously interested in buying.

    AIM - Wapture2
    Email - [email protected]

    I am not setting a flat price, I will take offers for the website.

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    If a humor themed website is established out of the website, all files will be thrown in aswell, such as the standard website design, with referrer scripts, links, tag-box, flash (not very good flash). Flash movies, games, articles..etc

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    I will sell everything for around $90

    This includes all files, aswell as 6 months free hosting

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    It also includes $25 worth of google ad-words advertising (advertisement displayed on the right of google search result pages)

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    All files are up, so you can see the whole website in action...

    I want a minimum of $50 for the whole thing!

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    I have started up a bid for the website instead...

    If you want to bid for the website, please feel free to make an offer...

    Current bid for the website - $0

    PM me, or AIM me at Wapture2

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    Ok, current bid is $100 - I will be selling to the highest bidder tomorrow.

    If I can get $120 now, I will sell straight away.

    Your choice!


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