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    I received a free account from Webresller that they offered on here as a special. Now my account is gone - I submit a support ticket and am told the server I was on was shut down and to email their customer service email address. I email the CS address and never get a response.

    If they decided the eliminate the accounts they gave away for free - fine - just give us some notice! One of my sites had a message board that is gone now - all my user info gone!

    Overall a shoddy way to do business. Had they emailed me and said "we are getting rid of the free accounts" I probably would have just changed it to a paid account. But now I will never give them a penny!

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    I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Of course, just make sure to investigate any hosting solution before diving on board (regardless of price). There's a danger of free accounts (hense why WHT no longer allows ads of that kind anymore)
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    Why would they do that? Was the point of giving you a free account not to try to get you to signup? Why wouldn't they tell you they were ending your free service and give you a chance to signup?
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    I'm not defending them but they probably got swamped with emails from people that were very angry so that may be a reason they didn't respond.

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    This is now the SECOND post freew has bad mouthed webreseller for no good reason... Here are the points:

    freew, YES, you were on a C-Panel free account... The server was having problems and as you were told previously we were going to discontinue it and we would have given you a terrific deal on a regular plan.. We ran a promotion a while back (about a year ago) and gave away 50 free c-panel accounts to introduce the product and you happen to get one... You were told ahead of time it was a free account and the server did not get the same level as management as our paid accounts and that it should ONLY be used for developmental items... The fact that you are complaining here is very frustrating considering you were given something for free and even supported...
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