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    Flash Designer Needed


    I am in need of a flash designer to modify the text on two Flash intros (#4809 & #1286) that I have purchased from TM.

    I need these done by 8:00 PM (EST) on Wednesday April 28th! I apologize for the short notice that I was able to give on this. In addition, I won't be able to send you the files + new text until 2:30 PM (EST) on Wednesday. This gives you about 5.5 hours to complete everything

    Please send me quotes (money will be sent when I receive the SWF files via Paypal), DIRECT links to past flash work and assurance that everything will be completed by 8:00 PM (EST) and in my Inbox.

    Again, I apologize for the short notice and can not stress how urgent these files are...

    Best Regards,

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    Is modifying text the only thing you need done?

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    I can do this, hit me up on AIM or MSN in contact info.

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    25$ if changing text is all you need.

    my portfolio is

    Thank you.

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