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    Question Do you know anything 'bout this? user cp

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows a script, program, or method that would allow my hosting customers to log in to their user control panels at my web site. It would be nice if there was a username and pass box on my index page where they could sign in.

    good examples of this include and

    the second part to this is that once they are logged-in they should have access to their ensim control panel, squirrelmail and sitestudio from their main control panel page without having to log-in to each app individually. just log in once and be logged in to the other programs, and then when they log out, they should be logged out of all of the programs.

    i am not very savvy at programming, so i realize that i may have to hire a a programmer. in order to cut down on costs, it would be nice if i could give them existing scripts/programs/knowledge to work with. any tips?
    anyone know an easier way? thanks,


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    If you want them all to use the same, it gets messy, creates extra security problems and will get overwritten by updates.

    Creating a simple login script to redirect any user to the right server and into his Ensim CP is an easy job and you might even find a free one if you look around enough.

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    Hey Fergus, thanks for the info. I was not aware of the security concerns, but I think I will take your advice.
    Do you off-hand know of a log-in script that can do what you mentioned? Thanks for your help,


  4. Hey buddy send me an email.
    I will send you a working copy of the login script.
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