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    "Start your own mobile business"

    I'm not sure if I'm asking in the correct place/forum about this...

    But has anyone used those "Start your own mobile business" websites?

    Such as: and

    If so, are they any good, and do you know of any others?


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    Open a restaurant its a much better investment and you can eat for free too.
    Patron: I'd like my free lunch please.
    Cafe Manager: Free lunch? Did you read the fine print stating it was an April Fool's joke.
    Patron: I read the same way I listen, I ignore the parts I don't agree with. I'm suing you for false advertising.
    Cafe Owner: Is our lawyer still working pro bono?

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    Technically, your not eating for free, your cutting into your profits and wages... but I doubt thats the point you were trying to make...

    I take it you think that these "Start your own mobile business" schemes are a load of cac...
    Though I don't really supose they are that bad, if there is no setup fee, and you can earn money off it... So I dunno... I can't really afford to invest in a restaurant atm, but thanks for the wise comment anyway

    I was really looking for someone who had experience with one of those or perhaps another one, or someone with an opinion on them.

    PS. Stop talking in riddles and tell it how it is

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    Sounds like a nightmare?

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    Sorry, but the only business I see worth pursuing is one of your own. It doesn't make sense to simply go to a website and open up a premade business.

    Especially when it's free!

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    Agreed, but maybe its worth looking into while your waiting to earn a little more cash, and knowledge on how to do it yourself before you dive straight into the deep end...

    I intend to check these out and see how they tick I was just wondering if anyone had already had experience with them in the past or not.

    I found another one earlier

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    OK well, if you get one of those you'll have to advertise in national magazines and on high cost web sites where there may be young folks bored out of their minds and with nothing better to do than download a new ringtone or wallpaper.

    You might get half the cost of your advertising back if you're lucky.

    It's just a sales job selling cheap tack, thats why it's free. You really would be better off with a restaurant - or a newspaper round come to that.

    Heck, I'd rather try and sell AOL cd's, I've fot a few right here - anyone?

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    Hehe, the opinion I am getting is that these type of things are crap...

    Though it still doesn't help me with my enquiry :p

    I don't see why you'd have to advertise in national mags and on high cost websites... what if you already have a customer base and wish to provide them with yet another service?

    It is not costing anything to setup and nothing to maintain it surly... I can't see why you are losing out at all, everybody wins, unless there's something I am missing?

    Btw, I bet if you got about 1000 AOL cds, you could sell them on ebay :p you'd be suprised at the **** people buy (and sell) on ebay.

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    I use for my ringtone website; The guys/gals at MMs3 are very nice indeed, very friendly. They help you make the most out of site and make as much as possible.
    John Heslop

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    Hmmm, very good, do you actually earn much from these?

    Also does anyone know some UK based ones of these?


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    Originally posted by pixel_fenix
    Open a restaurant its a much better investment and you can eat for free too.
    Haha...i a IHOP...breakfast, lunch and dinner they got some killer pancakes!!

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    Yes i earn much, and yes HM2K MMs3 is UK based.
    John Heslop

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    93 - just adding to the list...

    AdWatcher.NET - Ad Monitoring & Tracking (90-day Money Back Guarantee)

    David Ogilvy said, 'I know half of my advertising works. I just don't know which half'. Would you like to know if YOUR prospects are reacting to your ads? Find out now!

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    What's got todo with setting up your own mobile business?
    John Heslop

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    Setting a mobile business - nothing. Website that is targeted for mobile users industry - probably.

    AdWatcher.NET - Ad Monitoring & Tracking (90-day Money Back Guarantee)

    David Ogilvy said, 'I know half of my advertising works. I just don't know which half'. Would you like to know if YOUR prospects are reacting to your ads? Find out now!

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    Just wondering what is your site called jheslop1 and how long have you been in the business?

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    Originally posted by jheslop1
    for my ringtone website;[/B]
    Been in business since January this year.
    John Heslop

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    Im working on a similar business for North America at the moment
    The problem with North America is things like short codes and reverse sms billing are very much in their infancy.
    MMS3 are the better one's if you want an off the shelf solution, but dont expect the best payouts.
    In the UK/Europe, it's really not that hard to setup your own, without using someone like MMS3, PM me if you want me to explain
    Quality Canadian Web Hosting

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    Have to say that the site is a great way of making a little spending money. Ive made roughly £300 since signing up with them. With a little customisation it can be a nice little earner.

    Kind Regards,

    ••••Fanatical Hosting UK••••
    24hr Sales, Call Free On: 0808 17 80 400
    24hr Support, Call: 08717 11 33 55

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    I have two things to say about this subject,
    1. I don't have a clue why ringtones, etc. are so popular. I just want my phone to ring and let me know I have a call.
    2.Do a google for ringtones, I just got 9,720,000 pages. I think the market is probably saturated.
    3. (I know) what has this got to do with starting or running a web hosting business?

    Be Your Own AOL-FREE

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    Okay... Firstly, you said "I have two things to say about this subject" but I counted 3...

    1. ringtones etc are so popular because in the UK, it is said that there are so many mobile phones that for every person there are 4 mobile phones. Thats alot of mobile phones! And I would have thought almost everyone uses one, even my gran! That means whatever you are selling for mobile phones, you are probably going to find at least 1 buyer.

    2. Agreed the mobile phone business is fairly saturated, but then again I would say so is the web hosting business... But maybe I have a neche for the web hosting, and maybe I can use that customer base to sell and promote the mobile phone business...

    3. Firstly I don't understand what you mean by "(I know)" what do you know? If you know, then why ask? Secondly, if you read my original post, I put that I am not sure where to ask this, so i'll ask here. I felt that people who run web hosting businesses would have experiences with this type of thing, as I have seen this first hand.

    Finally, what do you mean by "luck"?
    Also, what does "Be Your Own AOL-FREE" mean?
    And By The Way, your link doesn't work: on your signature.

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    Where would it be recommended to advertise your mobile business? Graffiti on walls? hehe jk
    "Web Hosting is not just about selling space, it is about facilitating customers needs with your plans and supporting the customer for a long lasting mutually beneficial relationship."- Yaser

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